One of a kind

Ronen M 12:44pm, 7 July 2007
I was invited to this lovely group so in return I want to kindly invited to join
One Of A Kind group.

group Main goals -
see explanation in various language (members only):

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One Of A Kind. Get yours at

Every one of us is One Of A Kind!
One Of A Kind is a place for people, relations, tolerance, creativity and international
friendship but most of all - having fun !
This group is for participate your uniqueness and creativity, and to share others
with colors, nature, goodness and compassion to all Earth's creatures world wide.
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anamae12003 wrote
I You're all so kind...
And the roules are great.
Thank you for the invitation.

Ikhlasul Amal wrote
I love the idea providing weekly theme which can be a reason to visit this group. I myself come to Flickr for fun, so it is time to extend fun with photos.

Jasmine Roxanne Raggs wrote
It was so nice when I read the rules of this group, that this is not about competing, and comments don't always have to be given many works are beautiful and wonderful to view, and it becomes tiring to constantly come up with comments or favorites............and feeling that you "have to" interferes with the viewing. So many works are appreciated and how many invitations, favorites, comments and thank yous become is nice to understand this and view, just for the pleasure of no thank you for the philosophy of this group!

tumbleweed1937 wrote
Amen I agree with Jasmine. this is a great group...I love it nice quality photos also

steiniey wrote
I totally agree with you. Well said Jasmine.

MacGBeginss wrote
In agreeing I'd also like to add that there is a certain convention to commenting - No pressure, easy commenting.

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Tarky7 11 years ago
Cool, Real Flickr Spam !
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