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Fernando Martínez de la Vega 9:22pm, 6 July 2007
Hey Tarky7, thanks for the invite!

Here´s my little contribution:

Visual directory based on web banners (that also works as a search engine).

Everyone here is invited to upload a banner linking to your site! (you can upload up to 10 banners linking to different websites: your company´s page, your blog, your Flickr stream, etc...).

If you lack design skills (I will only accept decently designed banners and content relevant sites) I will happily design one for everyone based on their site´s design.

I hope this helps...

Just list here the sites you want me to review and design a banner for.
Tarky7 11 years ago
Excellent ! Now we are cooking with gas !

Thanks fer posting this, I will dive into your site and check it all out.
First on my list:
(I´m already working on it).
I guess it is ok, right?
Oh boy, that was a fast response by the way...
Tarky7 11 years ago
Thanks man,

I have several that are the current focal point:

That would be awesome. If you could post on this stream a html/java thingy, as a quid pro quo I will put it onto these and several other sites. What i need is a bit of code that will insert into a Word Press text widget. (i think any widget style code will work)

Thanks, lets keep tha dialogue going !
Thanks Tarky!
Hum, to tell you the truth, I manage myself Egaroo (and I´m NOT a developer) so I have no idea how to do that. I hope to find some developers to give me hand with that in the next couple of weeks.
Tarky7 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Tarky7 (admin) 11 years ago

if you go to this link, there is something called slide show, its a good example of a widget.

Or go to

or and you will see some widgets in action. I have just joined LinkShare, and there a several othe major affiliate programs, and they have a link/html generator that allows for rotating giffs, etc.
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