Any questions ?

Tarky7 8:04pm, 4 July 2007
This group is about doing link trades !
resolute cave [deleted] 11 years ago
"A place to meet and fink others", you say? Tarky, I may be many things, but - I am not a fink!

Tarky7 11 years ago
yuk yuk yuk !

did I make that kind of typo ?

NYCArthur PRO 11 years ago
I understand this is a "typos allowed' group - coolio
Tarky7 11 years ago
SpellCheck ! Where is my SpellCheck Girl !
BillyWarhol PRO 11 years ago
Tarky7 11 years ago
koincidence 11 years ago
why do i get so much fluff in my belly button at the end of each day?
Tarky7 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Tarky7 (admin) 11 years ago
PolarTech ?

HairShirt ?

Furry Costume for your Second Life ?

Paren 11 years ago
i wud suggest to make a seperate thread/topic..where u only post the link and little discription on what that link is all about.
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