pandatomic 1:46pm, 3 August 2011
Hello everybody,

I was wondering if any of you knows where to get large size steel hooks (i.e bigger than 3.5 mm / E size)? Does it even exist?

I can only find bamboo or plastic or aluminium big hooks, and I don't really like how they feel, the yarn doesn't 'slide' as much on them, if you see what I mean...

Any tip is welcome.

Many thanks!

hazlomanualidades 5 years ago

you can find it in
marmalade eagle 5 years ago
I bought a set of coloured steel / aluminium hooks from ebay, they go up to 10mm.
Hope that helps
pandatomic 5 years ago
Hello and sorry for the late reply, I didn't see your answers :}

Hazlomanualidades, I had a look at your website, but I couldn't find steel hooks, only aluminium. Maybe I didn't look in the right place? (my spanish is not very good, lo siento!)

Marmalade Eagle, I thought about ebay and will keep having a look from time to time, who knows, but so far I also only saw aluminium hooks that were more than 3.5 mm... And what I'm looking for is really steel hooks.

Anyway, thank you very much to you both for your kind replies !
Blue.Ridge.Girl PRO 5 years ago
Have you looked at Susan Bates Quicksilver hooks? They are the only kind of hook I really like. I just ordered the missing sizes that I needed from Quicksilver is the best in my book :o)
Marina Albertoni 5 years ago
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