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My Black Sugar says:

Originally posted at 10:55AM, 16 September 2012 PDT (permalink)
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Lovedoll2 says:

Hi my black sugar, i just want to know that karenooakbabies who boughtthe doll from you are you sure is melvin chin? I am very appreciate if you can tell me more info about that fake buyer cause i am sure that is not my friend melvin chin. I can tell u the truth is he never buy doll fromm internet since he collect blythe doll from year 2001. I really need your assist cause my friend melvin he is very sad of his profile has been stolen from someone to make those bad record for so long and he don`t know until last night. sorry again for the bad exprerience from that "karenooakbabies".But "karenooakbabies" is not melvin chin 
Originally posted 69 months ago. (permalink)
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happy dolly says:

'My Black Sugar', I'm Melvin Chin, I just want to let you know the 'karenooakbabies' is not me. I'm don't know where he/she get my info and pretend of me.
I never buy doll or other things from ebay. I never do the such thing as above please take note.
69 months ago (permalink)

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