Lovedoll2 12:01pm, 25 July 2010
Hi dear all,

Here to inform that we will have a blythe doll gathering At End of Aug'2010. We are waiting for the gathering for so long ya !!! ^ ^

Date : 28/8/2010
Time : 12pm
Location : Mid Valley ~ Alexis Cafe ( In Garden )
Theme : Floral Paradise

Convenience to attend ?? please let me know who will come ya

Thank you .

Decklan Wong 8 years ago
Oppssss......too bad, got function by that day :(
mikiishibata 8 years ago
I think I can join ^ ^
that is good....
c h r i s t y * 8 years ago
huhu, is kinda hard to sneak out on saturday. if sunday probably will be no problem for me T__________T
I will double confirm again =)
Lovedoll2 8 years ago
LOL.. may I know who convenience on sat or sun ??? of cause I hope to see all of you T.T
Me Sat or Sun also can. But i hope this time more ppl la. If more i will come =)
Creamie Summer 8 years ago
T-T need to prepare for exam
Lovedoll2 8 years ago
so who will come? or you all want to change to sunday for more convenience ??
Guy who ♥ blythe 8 years ago
look like no one wanna go just you and ashley
can change to early sept ?
Lovedoll2 8 years ago
yeah ! will delay to sept'10, update later :)
mag-gie Posted 8 years ago. Edited by mag-gie (member) 8 years ago
OMG!!!! I just saw this!!! is it possible to have it dec again?? so miss you all!!!! I prefer gathering on sat, because I can come on sat morning and have gathering after that!!~~
Thanks serene for organizing!!!
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