White Chocolate Dreamland 8:45am, 6 May 2010
Hmm...its been a quiet period recently. No gathering? =S
Decklan Wong 8 years ago
Yeap! When ahhh
Dunno..waiting for organiser =P
Gathering..gathering..knock knock*
Lovedoll2 8 years ago
if really interested a gathering..
give me opinion.. when ? what theme ? where ? ^ ^ I will decide it
just fun and i'm listening to you all ^ ^
miss you all
Err...ok let me think think..Now is football season. Can think about it oh~
Location is preferable KL or PJ oso can. Cincai =D
need theme ar?
baby-charlene 8 years ago
make it this saturday can mah?
im moving to singapore next wednesday^^

make it times square >v< can ma?
if theme i suggest :all about lace ^^
This saturday i can! =D
Maybe can find a place like Starbuck and Coffee Beans?
Me Times Square ok. After gathering can shop shop there haha
orangecps 8 years ago
i miss u all too...hope can see u guys!! char char, we go back kl together..
Hehe..sorry if this week i cannot liao. I've been suffering for food poisoning since Tues. I think Sat i cannot make it jor T_T
orangecps 8 years ago
next week la.. i will go back to kl on Friday night.
So this week macam mana? My sick is fully recover!! Yea yea~
Any gathering for Month end kah?
I want to join !!!
mag-gie 6 years ago
Any gathering?? I want to join..
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