mag-gie 4:14pm, 11 November 2009
If I have money to buy one, but this is the situation I always face.

I will go to stella~~as pink hair is dream blythe long time ago.
2nd. is Ice Rune

For me, hello kitty packing reminds on UT, but I think she is different from UT except the hair style.
She like branded, you don't like her, but owning her is like owing branded. and if you miss her out, then you will get her expensive in the secondary market!
Guy who ♥ blythe 9 years ago
ill try to get all 3 if i can. I already pre order Ice Rune, about Stella i do ask someone in jepan helping me to get one and last HK i have a friend helping me enter the lottry too.
orangecps 9 years ago
i like the hello kitty, but she likes very expensive after convert to SGD. PD london will open for lottery on 19 nov. everyone will go to bid her? i like her so much. i will go lottery her. :-)
JaymeeW 9 years ago
Hello Kitty and Stella!
JaymeeW 9 years ago
serious? i will go for PD london lottery too..
I will join for Prima Dolly London lottery since i've Prima Dolly Tokyo.
Guy who ♥ blythe 9 years ago
girls you are out of topic here is not for prima dolly london
mag-gie 9 years ago
I agree~People forget about the blythe Stella, Ice Rune , Hello Kitty Blythe, Urban Cowboy.

So far here it goes~
stella for 3 votes
hello kitty blythe for 3 votes
Ice runes for 2 votes

not in this topic but prima dolly London
3 votes~

I wish I can have the money that can afford to buy all new blythes released.
Then I don't need to choose one to buy only~
Ice Rune and Stella too. Although I love Hello Kitty very much, but I don't think I will get one.
mag-gie 9 years ago
Hi gladys, same with me too~~did you see the ice rune new real picture? it's so cute~~I don't know whether CWC hear my voice.inside my heart...hahahaha~~~
I'm looking into blonde curly hair blythe, then here come ice rune, then pink hair is my dream long list..
I will see which one is more cheaper, then I will choose which one.

So far, Stella -- 5 votes
Ice Rune -- 4 votes
Hello kitty-- remain 3 votes
orangecps 9 years ago
Ice rune is so cute...i like her i like her..
mag-gie Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mag-gie (member) 9 years ago
Yeah~~Ice Rune score a vote again.
So far, Stella -- 5 votes
Ice Rune -- 5 votes
Hello kitty-- remain 3 votes
P.S. Hello Kitty is only available in Japan. I guess her price must greater than Doronjo.
But I think it's not worth of getting high expensive girl but with no special eyelashes. and I also won't do any change on this girl.. :( :( and not dare to play with her with this price...
happy dolly 9 years ago
Ice Rune !!!
Ice rune and stella
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
ice rune +1
stell +1
mag-gie 9 years ago
Let me calculate the votes again~
Stella -- 7 votes
Ice Rune -- 8 votes
Hello kitty-- remain 3 votes~

I want the stella but look like she will be expesive then. :( :(
Wah~seem like Ice Rune is really a hit~ Luckily she is regular edition!~~
Cindy,once you got Ice Rune, please PO the price here~hope it's not expensive~ :) :)
toys-collectors 9 years ago
Hi all,
I'm new here ^_^

Really want to get this Hello Kitty Blythe. Can anyone share with me where can i get this baby locally? (KL)?

Many thanks!!
mag-gie 9 years ago
Hi welcome you to join blythe group, reply to your question~
I'm not in KL, so I don't know. but you can ask the shop who sell blythe, they might be able to help you get it.
by the way, this hello kitty is only limited in Japan meaning the price 21,000 yen is not original price you will get it.
but don't worry, as long as you have money, you sure can get her. :)
mag-gie 9 years ago
Hello Kitty blythe~
I think her face look like LJM and with 21,000 yen with no special eyeslash, ok~ is time for me to skip it~yeah~~
cuteminis 9 years ago
Ice-rune + 1
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