mag-gie 1:56pm, 17 October 2009
I just wondering that can we have some idea exchange other than doll gathering info..

I have my 1st blythe there, when I am thinking only 1 blythe will be enough. But I think 1 blythe is not enough after I played with her. So I keep buying.

Here is the question, How many blythe that you own that you stop buying/playing?
I think I won't stop buying but I think with open 10 blythes that is my limit. the blythe after 11th will in the box and I won't open it.
encouraging rifle [deleted] 9 years ago
For me I very tempted to open all but after deboxing it I just leave it around hardly play with currently I m trying to curb my urge to debox the dolls.
Lovedoll2 9 years ago
my limit !!!! ~~ 1 Blythe which I love her to die !!!!!!
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
good question!
hmm...after when i get all my dreams doll, skate date, goldie and KB XDDD awwwww...actually can't get enough!!!
ludicrous earthquake [deleted] 9 years ago
I don't have a set limit. :P I buy whenever I like and I sell whenever I don't like them anymore.
JaymeeW 9 years ago
Serene... don be silly.. u will never get enough!!! hahahaha
orangecps 9 years ago
i got no long as i got space to store them n $$ to buy them...haha
Guy who ♥ blythe 9 years ago
is not about what yr limit. is about how rich you are.
Lovedoll2 9 years ago
yeah .. you r right Lestat... so.. I will just want " One " for my best ..!! hahahahahaha :P
JaymeeW 9 years ago RICH you are..hahahha
mikiishibata 9 years ago
I agree what Louis said too.
I tot only 1 Blythe is enough for me but........ > <lll
Recently CWC release new doll too often, they are like challenging our wallet.............
1 blythe is really really not enough for me....
I think I will never get enough. But I buy only those I really like and I won't sell it. :)
orangecps 9 years ago
i wish im rich too...then i can collect all the blythe...hahaa...发梦都没那么早!!hahaahha...
Orange: This is my dream too. LOL
Can i know which website can we search for the blythe update? Preferable in english. SO that i can update which Blythe released every month or whatever.
Ok tq!!!!
baby-charlene 9 years ago
orange and gladys: same same ...wahahahaha
same dream~really hope can owned all of the blythess...
but 人生就是要美中不足比较好~才是完美啊~hahahaha
Lovedoll2 9 years ago
i'm stop to buy blythe already.. po kai & can't own many.. already out of my budget.. ^ ^ i have few already sastify and happy
I want to have every blythe, and every version!! =D
mag-gie 9 years ago
hahahaha~~just go out get the blythe u like and don't wait for new blythe...some time past released blythe is the best!!!
I start to like blythe on 2008,so whatever blythe release on 208 on wards, when I skip, then I don't look back~~hehehe
mag-gie 9 years ago
Serene: I belive you will buy doll again~~~hahahaha
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