My Black Sugar 3:14am, 27 September 2009
Hallo, Where can get the Neo Blythe Doll Simply Lilac and Simply Peppermint in KL? Thanks!
JaymeeW 9 years ago
try Graffiti at Times Square.
encouraging rifle [deleted] 9 years ago
i was there yesterday not out yet even in Singapore also have not arrive.Keke Graffiti usually slower by 1 wk
mag-gie 9 years ago
Singapore doll inz have it~~but I feel sad i live in Penang.
My Black Sugar 9 years ago
Graffiti Toys not arrive! Time Machine maybe this week!! I can't waiting..
Singapore doll inz sell set 2doll how much? can shipping to Malaysia?
mag-gie 9 years ago
I don't you have found it or not. but time machine have it. I want lilac, do u want to share?
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