Dan_Dal 2:41pm, 13 September 2009
Blythe Surf_Samson_03 by Dan_Dal
Blythe Samson Punk by Dan_Dal
Blythe Samson Fashion_05 by Dan_Dal
Blythe Samson Playland by Dan_Dal

Hi, Friends, which hairstyle is more suitable for my boy Blythe? mind to share your view?

The 1st picture .
ciyou 9 years ago
1st pic
mag-gie 9 years ago
1st pic~~
Dan_Dal 9 years ago
Thanks Allen, Cindy, Ciyou & Maggie. Seem everyone likes 1st one. I think I will keep first hairstyle for him.

Allen, my msn id : dan_ken75@yahoo.com
1st pic oso
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