mag-gie 2:36pm, 26 August 2009
I like the twins on Sep, but I can only afford 1 and in fact I like the one with fringe which is Lilac, so if you like peppermint, you can share with me.
Or if you like Lilac and want to share with Peppermint also ok.
I just want 1 doll and I think 1 is enough for me at this current. :)
fm me or msn me.

Here is their details
baby-charlene 9 years ago
how much for a set?
i wish to share also..
i think i will choose Lilac as i got no pink hair baby~

let me know how much for a set ya,then we seperate it
orangecps 9 years ago
Blythe Lilac&Peppermint pre-order price in Singapore sell @ STGCC is S$300
baby-charlene 9 years ago
wow quite reasonable...
will be rm720 like tat
then should be rm 360 a doll
i want it lilac
mag-gie 9 years ago
isthe sgd 300 still available? I can take peppermint.. :) :)
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