dear_bear3 7:30pm, 1 July 2009
Hi everyone~
i know its a lil awkward to put it here, but im looking for some1 who is interested into these dolls too^^

english site
jp site

it has japan and english site. JP site give free shipping upon 5000yen purchased.
English site we can bluk order and the postage will be USD20
I counted and find out that it will be more worth if we do more than 1 doll purchase on the english site.

wonder whether who is interested in these cute sweet little kids~

some post about what the kids can do:

im located in pj
whoever is interested, please flickr mail me^^

Hehe..this doll is cute. Like mini BJD. Im wondering how big is it ^^
dear_bear3 9 years ago
(Height): 11.4cm
- (Head): 9.3cm (3-4 WIG)
- (Eyes): 8mm
- (Neck): 3.2cm
- (Bust) : 5.5cm
- (Shoulder) : 2.9cm
- (Weist): 5.6cm
- (Hip): 6.7cm
- (Foot) : 1.6cm

You can see from the website itself, it has the video showing you how movable it is too!
dear_bear3 9 years ago
and promotion until 22nd july!
every $100 order, free 1 head (11types upon ur choice)

detail is here

normally felix brownie cost 12000~17000yen~

so really dont hope to miss the promotion~

everyone please take a look!
wow..professional. u got all details haha.. =)
dear_bear3 9 years ago
the details are on the web XD

btw bad news ><

please add me in msn:
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