White Chocolate Dreamland 3:36am, 18 June 2009
Jz feel curious that if anyone bid on e-bay custom blythe before?
My self do have bid few dolls before but at the end i cant fight the price. Cos the strongest bid would be the 'last 1-mins'. Everyone seems to be bid alot during that 60secs.
If anyone did bid before, how much u bought your doll? And who's your fav seller?
mag-gie 9 years ago
I did buy one on hybrid ichigo heaven & UT blythe,but end up it disppointed me. It's the only blythe that I bought with disppointment and yet I paid with high price. :( :( sad story.
My advice is buy from famous custom seller.but normally famous custom will charge high price~~
1.seek help from our local shifu, they are great!!! and I hope they charge reasonble and you can deal with them face to face.haha
2. I sent my hybrid ichigo heaven & UT to funtland, she is quite good but I don't know how's outcome for my girl.maybe if you don't mind waiting, I can post my girl pic once she finish.
3. please be patient while buying custom doll as they are not factory perfect.
Recommend e bay custom blythe seller
a) funtland -- cute and sweet style
b) Sam -- cute and sweet style
c) Adong -- wild and celebrity

Hope it helps you~~ :)
Hehe..u got my 2 fav seller which is Sam n Dong. Both of their doll i check on ebay everyday. Trying to bid nw but dunno can get or not =X
Another famous one is Picara (u can see her in my list). Her artwork is amazing too. I jz pm her, she accept custom order. But i havent let her know what style i want. Another one i can recommend is this guy named Erregiro. U can find him in flikr too. His price is reasonable =) BUt im still considering wanna send out my doll for custom or jz get a new custom doll cos im scared it'll lost in action.
Haha..Maggie, can i know wat courier post r u using to ship ur baby? Funtland is at Thai if im not mistaken right? If in M'sia, who's si fu can i refer to?? Can recommend kah? =P
So sad..i jz out of bid at the last sec for Sam Doll T_______T If i can bid sure win liao =(
mag-gie Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mag-gie (member) 9 years ago
Hi Cammyrinoa~(Can I call u a shorter name?)
I use EMS to ship my girls.I sent to her before I know any shifu in Malaysia.If I know shifu in Malaysia, then I go for them.
so far is Christy done a good custom work and guy who love blythe also.
Allen also done a good custom work.Orange also..
I adore Jaymee's work.
Please do not rush to send your girl to custom and do not rush to get a custom girl..
If you willing to pay high price,I will recommend you to go for yahoo auction Japan, their work is perfect~~

If you are looking for sweet style, then I prefer Yahoo auction Japan then ebay..(I don't really like e bay...)
Guy who ♥ blythe 9 years ago
i only bid on kenner on ebay
Yea Maggie, u can always call me Cammy or Cam. Do u hv a link for the Yahoo Auction Japan? Is it all in Japanese or English? =D Hehe..i wish to see your gal u sent to Funtland. How long they normally takes for the customade? Orange, Christy n Allen oso in KL???
Hmm..btw, wat do you mean by kenner? Is it the one 1972 Blythe? And another thing is wat is the different between SBL n RBL blythe? Bltyhe hv how many type itself?
mag-gie 9 years ago
Hi Cam,
Japan Yahoo Auction
I really like their custom blythe, super cute~~but again you have to ask someone to help u bid.The price is expensive sometimes.
theere got many face mold of Blythe
1.BL ---> I like
2.EBL ---> I like
4.RBL ---> I like

I like blonde kenner, but as this moment, I can only afford to buy RBL.
Have you own your 1st blythe? Are you in a rush to get the custom blythe?
If not, please wait for my gals to come back,then I can show you.
Will you come to gathering on this coming July? I wish I can show you on this coming July.
Please take your time to browse the blythe.You will meet the one you like with reasonable price.
I'm currecntly in seach of BL/EBL.
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
there's a doll comparison for KB, BL, EBL, SBL & RBL. at taiwan blyte forum here's the link: www.blythe.com.tw/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=18539 Hope this could help :)
Maggie: Yea..they are nice Mag, but too bad all in Japanese >.< I already hv my 1st Blythe. But i think to get another customade one. At the moment im bidding for Dong's doll at ebay. But dunno can get or not cos i hv a budget limit anyway. My current doll im thinking of sending for custom but i wish to ask for few comparison first. Yea Maggie, i wish that i could hv look on ur girls after they came bak from Funtland. The gathering im not so sure i can attend or not. To be confirmed later. Can i know how many dolls to hv so far?

Christy: TQ for your info Chris. But too bad i dunno how to read in chinese. But anyway its a nice info, at least got pic =X I think mine one shd be RBL gua =D Christy, whr ur shop is??
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
opps, another ABC XD
i don't have any shop, i'm selling my handmade cloths and customize job on internet :)
Hehe..its ok Christy. I've found a website in english. Hehe.. tq anyway!! =D
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