kristin_kan 3:59pm, 27 May 2009
Hi everyone,

I'm helping my aunt to look for a Blythe doll for my cousin's birthday.

My 13 yrs old cousin has been nagging her mum to get her a Blythe doll. Since my aunt wanted to get her a blythe at a cheaper price, I suggested her to adopt one.

Any adoption out there? Price range preferably RM200 and below.
My cousin loves dolls (she is a Barbie collector) and she would like to start her Blythe collection.

Hope someone out there can help my cousin to get her First Blythe.
MiaRenaldi 9 years ago
Hi Kristin,

I saw there is this one guy from selling NEW Blythe at a very reasonable price. At the moment, only two model left: Frosty Frock - RM250 and Cappuccino Chat - RM350.

You can check out his thread HERE
kristin_kan 9 years ago
thanks allen & mia :)
Lovedoll2 9 years ago
becareful kristin..
some is cheated one .. the doll won't be this price somemore is new leh...
kristin_kan 9 years ago
i was thinking to get frosty... how much is the price ?
mag-gie 9 years ago
wah~~his blythe price is so cheap~~rm350 for a Cappccino,worth it.
I don't really like frosty..because of it's SBL face :)
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