mag-gie 4:17pm, 23 May 2009
Good News for me~~my little dream can fulfill half already~~(my dream is to open a blythe shop and let more people know about blythe~~)
My uncle has open a little shop(sell stationary) and he offer me to put my blythe at his shop!!!~~~~~
Other than my blythe, I'm thinking of put something different than blythe doll that can attract more people to come,since the shop target group is mostly student. :) I think not every student can afford to buy a neo blythe....I don't really want to sell neo blythe~~I don't want to sell my blythe as well.
So, what your suggestion to put on a small little corner?about 20cm weight*40cm height,I guess.
Any idea??
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
perhaps my handmade cloths too? hehehe XD
all the best ya!
JaymeeW 9 years ago
maybe some of their postcards, notepad, bags and etc?
mikiishibata 9 years ago
U can sells Blythe pen case, t shirt and bags~
U can get these stuffs in Petaling St. wholesales shop ^ ^
mag-gie 9 years ago
Thanks for all the idea~~
Blythe pen case, t shirt and bags~great ideas~~
do you know the Petaling St. wholesales shop? do you have their contact?can you fm me?
I think of selling their notepad & postcards..but the photo is taken from my blythe~
do your blythe photo want to be in it?
Christy,I like your outfit~~and your blythe photo as well..

Do you all mind to share with me your blythe photo?I think getting all blythe photo into a greeting card and sell, what's your idea?
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
i can provide my photo badges, what do you think?
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Maggie, u can straight away goto the wholesales shop at there...
But i did asked them b4, if u wanna buy wholessles, u need to pay rm300 to open an account at their shop~
mag-gie Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mag-gie (member) 9 years ago
Christy, your photo badges is really me for details!
Hi gals,I'm now processing a blythe photo book for myself also other people to view.
Anyone are interested in contribute their photo??

I want to display petitie blythe in the shop but I only have 1 petite blythe. :( :( How much is the KL shop sell the petite blythe?

Now I'm thinking of how to design the corner, should I make it into pink pink?
Whr ur shop whr ur shop? I wanna go see see =D
mag-gie 9 years ago
In Penang~~now try to selling stationary only,but not yet start~~
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