mikiishibata 2:57am, 8 May 2009
WOW~~~~~!! 1 more week to goto our May gathering~!!
Cant wait to c u guys with ur Blythe babies with thier lovely school uniform~!!
How about u guys own school uniform/clothes look like school uniform?
Hey~!! Dont end up only im the only 1 wearing school uniform > <

REMEMBER our meeting time and place.............
Venue: Delicious Restaurant, Ground Flr, MidValley.
Time: 12.30pm
Lovedoll2 9 years ago
hahahaha.... i so miss u guys leh... T_T
this gathering make my neck become longer and longer. ( deng dou gang cheong lo )
mikiishibata 9 years ago
I juz reserved a table at Delicious~!
The environment so nice. Good for us to take photo.
Put the name under "Blythe Gathering".
If u guys come abit late, can ask the front desk.
claynlew 9 years ago
will you all dressed in school uniform? haha, i'm little too old for it.
MiaRenaldi 9 years ago
Miki, do u know what are the shops located next to/opposite the Delicious restaurant? It will be easier to find it later ^_^

claynlew - Me too a little too old for it, LOL! I don't have a school uniform, but i'll be wearing something that look close to it maybe :D
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Wana, Delicious Restaurant is facing The Gardens main entrance.
Opposite it is Starbucks Cafe. It's very ec to find, dont worry~!
If u really cant find it, u can ask the information counter (this is the fastest way to know where is Delicious.)
Then the most busiest gang in there MUST be us, haha~!!!
C u on this Sat ya, Wana~!!
mikiishibata 9 years ago
claynlew, I will wear school uniform (but not Malaysia school uniform).
I think some of others also wearing something look like school uniform too. Beside school uniform, u can wear like a teacher also...(hehe~)
It will be very fun on this Sat, so, pls make sure u ll join us ^w^
MiaRenaldi 9 years ago
Hahahaha, okay... thanks ya Miki! :D
See you!
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Wana, c u on Saturday loh = ^ ^=
Sooooo excited~!!
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