c h r i s t y * 6:01am, 18 March 2009
Hello guys! Are you having fun on the previous gathering? Now we're planning to held another gathering probably on end of May (the date, time and location will be confirm later) meanwhile, we have to start polling for the theme outfit, so that we could have much time sewing or purchasing. There's school uniform or animal wear (please choose one) We look forward for your opinion. Polling closing date until 31th March. Cheer ●ω●
mikiishibata 9 years ago
I want my baby wearing SCHOOL UNIFORM~!!
sureshe will look cute with that~ >O<
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Allen, u ok with WHICH 1??
orangecps 9 years ago
school uniform lo~
Jobabie ♥ 9 years ago
i choose school uniform XD
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
looks like school uniform going be the themes
i love 學生美媚 too XD
ciyou 9 years ago
I choose animal wear~~
mikiishibata 9 years ago
haha~ i think Serene oso will choose animal outfit ^ ^
Lovedoll2 9 years ago
ok. count me in !!! I hav no idea of this two ... once final discussion ... let us kNow la...T_T give me some time to prepare of it ......
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Hey~ Serene even u dono how 2 make these 2 outfit, but u have to vote oso la >_<
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Guys, still need to wait for Jaymee to vote?
She ll be back frm Aus this Sunday~
baby-charlene 9 years ago
im interested in school uniform^^

hello all,im new here,nice to meet u all^^
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
hi meko, u're here! welcome in XD
baby-charlene 9 years ago
soo touch to meet u all T_T
tot nobody love blythe in malaysia

sure,my MSN:

do add me up waiting u all^^
i wana learn custome my blythe!!! and diy new clothings for them haha~
mikiishibata Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mikiishibata (member) 9 years ago
Hi~ welcome to join us, meko ^ ^
orangecps 9 years ago
halor...meko...nice to meet u~~
baby-charlene 9 years ago
nice to meet u all^^
wana ask the price of my little candy blythe at the moment><
sooo cute
was thinking to add one more baby~
JaymeeW 9 years ago
hi all!! im back finally!!! :P
ok lah..since so many of u wan school uniform...then just go for SCHOOL UNIFORM lah!!! nex round will be animal costume!!! kaakkakaa..... gals, give me some time to sew the school uniform ya!!

Meko, nice to meet u!!!! we all feel touched when we found each other too!!!! hahaha... hope u can join for the coming gathering!! :)
baby-charlene 9 years ago
of coz i will come for may gathering...wana learn u'll skill in customizing and sewing..hahahaha
orangecps 9 years ago
hey..about the May gathering which date your guy prefer? 2 May (Sat) ok with your guy?
ciyou 9 years ago
I prefer after 10 May.
Lulugoh 9 years ago
I prefer Malaysia primary school uniform, it's soooo ugly but tooo unique!!! haha ~
orangecps 9 years ago
10 May i cant, i have blythe gathering in sg.
baby-charlene 9 years ago
wow,in sg?orange,i wan join too can mah?
orange see u tomorow ya~
will sms u tomorow
happy dolly 9 years ago
Hello everybody !! i am new here, nice to meet u guys ! very happy to know that u guys love Blythe !! I am a die hard fan of her, hope to share and learn some skill of custome blythe, DIY accessories and photography technics from u all !! Btw I choose animal wear !!
mikiishibata 9 years ago
hello~ Melvin~ ^ ^ Welcome to our BLythe group= ^ ^=
So guys, now still school uniform win ah?
Since some of u want to choose animal outfit so much,
then nex nex gathering "MAYBE" is animal outfit (hehe)
By the way, since so many of u asking about next gathering date, i will open another new discussion topic. U guys go there n discuss la.
baby-charlene 9 years ago
ok~actually im ok with the date ^^
since im very free now

hello,welcome to us melvin~
im also new here and beginer
hope to learn together^^
mikiishibata 9 years ago
hey~ guys, start gathering discussion day in a new discussion tht i juz post in~! Thks
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
alright, i guess we got the winner here, opps, is theme. get ready for school uniform XDDD
c h r i s t y * Posted 9 years ago. Edited by c h r i s t y * (admin) 9 years ago
LOL, that's not a bad idea XD i really hope you could join us this time!
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