floresita PRO 6:02pm, 2 September 2005
I have two - a white one and a blue one.

I always have to resist the urge to buy more!
shammonds Posted 13 years ago. Edited by shammonds (member) 13 years ago
Hehe... well I'm in the same boat. I've had to cap myself at 4 tanks with various fish. My male betta shares accomodation with a group of white clouds, and the 4 females live with some cories and rasboras.
handy steam [deleted] 13 years ago
I also have two right now, both males. The most I've ever had at one time is 3, but it takes so much work to clean their bowls. (Which reminds me... I need to do that today!)
girlpirate 13 years ago
sarae PRO 13 years ago
My max at one time was three, but now I just have one.
Mommy Jess 13 years ago
Currently 4, I am trying my best to keep it at that!
Fabiz Rabbit 13 years ago
currently I am alone with two! At this time in the south of Brazil he is very cold here, until the summer I want to see if I obtain plus some! The maximum that already I had had been six!
jgough85 13 years ago
5 currently. All together I've had 7.
Angel_ashes 13 years ago
I have 9. . . 4 Veils, 1 Crown, 2Double Tails, 1 Delta, and a giant Plakat. . . Indy, Shifty, Method, Stalefish, Sparticus, Marble, Mason, Mustard Gas and Sid Fishious (respectively). I have had to bribe the guy at the pet store to not sell me anymore. . . I have no more space!!
frozen jek 13 years ago
i breed betta on my free time and collect mostly e halfmoon plakat ( short tails) that is currently more popular over here in singapore.
funky_cheetah PRO 12 years ago
I currently keep 4 beautiful little guys :)
Jezebel3 12 years ago
I only have 4 at the moment, but hope to get more soon.
floresita PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by floresita (member) 12 years ago
Time to update - my lovely white fish died.

I bought a new betta with a beautiful tail and a sad-looking red one that's doing much better since he came from the store...
Stephie189 PRO 12 years ago
Righ now I have 3 males.

One is very old, I've had him for at least 4 years. He's been kind of sluggish lately, favoring the bottom of his container and not eating much, so I've been worried about him.

It's always so tempting to buy a lot them (especially when you see the nasty water they're in at the pet store), theyre so beautiful. Been a betta fan for 5+ years now and have had both males and females.
Jezebel3 12 years ago
I just got 2 new ones, so I'm up to 6.
miaouphoto 12 years ago
just one, i got him last week.

i adore him.
elated farm [deleted] 12 years ago
I don't know what happened, I started with one male, a beautiful orange body that fans out into full crimson tails. Then I saw one that was a perfect sky blue...and had to have him. Then I started to feel the need to "save them" from those disgusting little cups the pet stores have them in.

I always pick the ones lying at the bottom of the cup...to bring home and let them live like royalty in heated, filtered and delightfully decorated new homes.

The bottom line is... I have 6 now.
zorella 12 years ago
Who! I just brought 2 crowntails yesterday! I haven't had betta's for a few years, and never had a crown tail before. So expect lots of photos >_>
misa212 12 years ago
Valerie, I can relate. I had 7 at one point, all died from old age and now I'm ready to start again! I love the colors and tail variations, and it always seems that there's some that need saving, too.
haleyluna 12 years ago
we currently have twenty-one bettas (thirteen boys and eight girls) and seven cories. most of our bettas were sickly ones (veils and crowns) we'd see at the pet stores, usually in the back of the shelf, laying on the bottom of their dirty cup. we also have four halfmoon doubletails from thailand. looove our little guys/gals. i'm sure the number will grow and grow.
TartanHearts 11 years ago
I have 3 right now, two males and one female. I would have more, but we have issues with space and lack of heat/filtration. As soon as I can figure out a good way to have more, I will!
Rehula 11 years ago
more than 5 =]
Pehpsii 11 years ago
two boys and one girl
1 double/veiltail champagne boy + one fan girl in champagne
and one fantail red/blue boy
Fake Plastic Alice 11 years ago
1 spectacular, manly fighter who shares his home with a pleco named Fluffy.
Cynthia Longo PRO 11 years ago
I have one now; have had 3 total (Jonsey, Herbert, and Brody). @haleyluna- your story is similar to how I got my bettas. I saw them on the shelf and felt badly for them so I took one home. If I had more time to dedicate to them I am sure I'd have a houseful too!
Riverjackx 11 years ago
Hah, I'm digging the "twenty bettas". I only have one, at the moment, though I have had more.. and I plan on getting a few more. I have known hobbyists (not necessarily into breeding all the time, or show) that have had at least fifty bettas at one time or another. Obviously, bettas are addicting. ;]
_____jstray 11 years ago
Only one at the moment - my first one, got him last week.

They are addicting and very relaxing to watch. I might get some more just to also save them from the plastic containers the pet store keeps them in.
٭Missi٭ PRO 11 years ago
I used to have somewhere around 25 bettas. Halfmoon (HM), Veiltail (VT), Crowntails (CT), Plakats (PK), and a Rosetail (RT). I have since found them a new home as I had to move.
Just this past weekend I was lucky enough to find a blue/green Butterflu HM (Marlyn) and a red, blue, and purple RT (Samurai) at Petco of all places. Little did they know what a HM or RT is so I got them at "normal" male betta price (half the price of their CTs :D). They are pretty young and I consider them my treasures :) So I currently only have 2. Remembering all the maintenence, I am trying to keep it my count at that as I have a parrot and 2 finches to clean up after as well.
We just moved over the weekend and have yet to get our internet hooked up (however, we have an appt. in a couple days), then I will get their photos up here.
parisxo 10 years ago
Ive got 7 all together. Mostly VT's with 2 crowntails (one male and one female). But Ive having a ahrd time housing them because my dividing method didnt work!!
Emerynn PRO 10 years ago
Just the one, in his 10 gal with his Otocinclus janitors, complete with live and silk plants, a cave, and hamster tubing for his playground.

From cup to palace, haha.
I have four.. Thats all :) Two females and two males!!
bitangel 10 years ago
I have a 5 gallon aquarium set up with a 3 way divider. Had 3, lost the runt of the bunch yesterday :(. So the 2 remaining in the tank didn't have to feel the emptiness in the one corner I went out and bought another one. I love Betas, it"s fun to get them to interact with you.
bitangel 10 years ago
Sorry forgot to mention that the photos I posted to the group were before I got my fish tank, when they were in separate bowls.
gizmo2002 10 years ago
i have so many betta!ähm?!30?in diferent colors!
and sooooo mannnyyyy Babys!!!!!smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SoggyEnderman 10 years ago
At the moment I have 5...but soon more, I am always rescuing them from the pet store
Bebop Bon 10 years ago
Hello im new to the group. I have around 13, 3 males and 8 females all together in a 50 gallon community tank. I'm pretty new to this hobby, cant wait to start and breed them =) any tips?
yourries_yc 10 years ago
hi, im new to the group as well :)

I got 7 bettas in 7 tanks, 6 male (4 halfmoon, 2 plakats) and 1 female.
Looking into breeding the blue one in my gallery with the female 0_0

Anyway nice to meet you all =D
littlemisscopycat Posted 9 years ago. Edited by littlemisscopycat (member) 9 years ago
Sadly none.They have all passed away. :(
I used to have:
Nemo and Ruby(VT males),Tugboat,Coral and Daisy Jo(VT females)and Liberty(CT male)
I hope to have bettas again someday.
mustardgaz 9 years ago
I got hundreds of them, i breed them, mostly giants; plakats, crowns, halfmoons, and plakat halfmoons.
mdellasalla 9 years ago
Currently 6 with 2 more on the way when a certain spawn grows up. I am trying to keep it low because I move when I graduate in may, but after I move, the sky is the limit ;)
Dogs4life 9 years ago
I have 6 currently, but will probably be getting more soon. The most I've had at one time was 12.
SoggyEnderman 9 years ago
I have 9 males
mysticeyesx 9 years ago
3 bettas total
doggyhog Posted 9 years ago. Edited by doggyhog (member) 9 years ago
5, soon to be six.

Getting a female to spawn. :))
sandrine artemille 9 years ago
A few years ago, I went through a phase where I somehow acquired a ton of fish, and ended up with three male bettas, a community tank of 10 females, and a larger female that had to live on her own because she was too aggressive. That also led to me getting tanks for some dwarf puffers, cories, and a 72 gallon tank for an oscar, which was very bad for my floor beams.

I now only have one male betta, and it's more than enough at the moment, even though I would love to also have a female, since they seem to have much more personality.
aloof cherry [deleted] 8 years ago
i have 12 right now, three delta tails, two crowntails, two veil tails, and five females.
brandonmartin28 8 years ago
I have one for now. But I want to get another
Pharaoh Hound 8 years ago
Currently I don't have any :( Difficult to find nice bettas where I live.
StrawberryPuddle 8 years ago
i have 3. a male and 2 females.
two_white_horses 8 years ago
Two. Fred and George. Haha, wonder where those names came from...hmmm....
KariMogensen PRO 7 years ago
I have 13 Bettas and I'm out of room!!! I LOVE THEM!
AltairKestral 7 years ago
16 bettas, 9 are females in a sorority tank and I expect to have a spawn in a few weeks.
Stephie189 PRO 7 years ago
I have 4 currently. Would love more but there's no room.
langara007 7 years ago
14 female - 6 male
- Bree - 7 years ago
I have 3 females and 3 males, two males are currently being sold though, so i will finally be down to only my one beautiful crowntail male, and his 3 mates. lol

Plus i have some betta fry- exited!
langara007 7 years ago
I have right now 10 females in a 30 liter tank and another 7 to 10 liters in each a small guy. I have 17 bettas ^ ^
betta lover22 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by betta lover22 (member) 6 years ago
Put it this way, I think I have the worst of the betta bug here. lol 46? And my betta pugnax decided to spawn. Might as well add them too? 146 or so.
Singing Leafs 6 years ago
I have 1 veiltail. His name is Poco. He's going to be upgraded to a bigger tank tomorrow :3
cin_kong 5 years ago
I have 2 male bettas. One is in a 2 gallon desktop aquarium, with a light hood. The other one is in a 2 gallon fish bowl, along with a lucky bamboo and spider plant.
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