About Bettas

square juice [deleted] 5:25pm, 25 May 2012
Bettas originate mostly in Thailand. They survive in the rain drop of an animals hoof technically. The never get the chance to eat enormous amounts of food at any one givin time. So when they do eat in the wild. It's nothing more then a moscuito larvae at times. In the pet stores these are galled glass worms, because women get upset over moscuito larvae and the look of them. Properly stated, bettas eat glass worms, 2-3 thats it, Bloodworms 2 only, and 1 pellet for the week. They do not have a human matabalism, they do not need to eat until they are full. If fed more then my recommendation, your fish will suffer the consequances, keep your water clean, check ph, ammonia with tester, and temperature and maintain a constant 78-80 degrees.
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ozfan22 PRO 3 years ago
I downsized the bowl for my betta, as he was having trouble coming to the top to feed. Anybody else have this problem?
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