Betta Attitude

iheartslb 1:00am, 17 September 2010
I bought my first Betta about 3 months ago from Petsmart (I know, bad to support them, but I had to save him) first he was reluctant to interact with me, but now he likes to play- I've also taught him some tricks. He flares up a lot too.
I just bought another Betta from the same store because he was sad looking and beautiful. I put him in the same type of tank as my first Betta and he hasn't eaten since I got him (which was yesterday afternoon). He's only flared once to a mirror and when he did i might have come to the conclusion that he may be young.

Describe your Betta? Are they more out going or do they tend to shy away from you?

I'm curious to find out how other Bettas act. :D
Pharaoh Hound 8 years ago
My Bettas have all had different personalities. Some of the ones I distinctly remember:

A pugnaceous yellow male I got, named Apollo. He flared a tonne, and he bullied fish in the community tank, even larger fish. He was quite bold with me too, I seem to even have memory of him swimming right up and nipping me when I changed water, one time.

A sedate cambodian male named Emperor (who lived to the ripe old age of five!), who was passive with other fish, playful with me, but also liked to flare a lot.

A copper double-tail named Helios, who could be peppery with other fish, but was continually reluctant to flare. Despite being the most beautiful fish I've ever had, he was unfortunately rather reclusive.

Suffice to say, they're all characters in their own way.
aloof cherry [deleted] 8 years ago
i just lost my veil tail lucious, who had an amazing personalty. he used to play hide and seek with me. popping in and out of the tiki head that was in his tank. he also used to eat out of my hand. i have owned quite a few bettas and they all have had their own little thing about them.
cin_kong 5 years ago
I bought my bettas from Big Al's in Scarborough, ON, a year apart.

Betta One Year Later
The apricot yellow male veil tail will flare due to the six-sided tank. He is preoccupied by the reflections, especially if I turn on the lights.

The red male show betta does not flare at all. Since he is in the same room as me, most of the time, he is curious about me.
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