aloof cherry [deleted] 2:59am, 8 March 2010
I recently aquired a half moon betta with such bad ammonia burn that he looks like a female. Most of his tail fin is gone. Is there anything I can do to help the fins grow back?
aloof cherry [deleted] 8 years ago
nevermind. it turned out to be fin rot and the little guy didn't make it. :(
Blinztree 8 years ago
Hi Nikki
Sorry to hear about your fish. How did you get it it that condition anyway?
aloof cherry [deleted] 8 years ago
well i work in a pet store and people buy these beautiful fish and don't care for them properly. so when they bring them back to the store because they don't want them anymore (because the fish is "sick") i usually take them home and care for them. it's how i've ended up with most of my bettas. my other ones have recovered pretty well and are in beautiful condition but for some reason this guy didn't make it. i guess he was just too far gone.
orphansparrow. 7 years ago
i see this is old, but a great site for betta info. is the people on that forum helped me so much when i needed it, and i have learned so much since then. =)
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