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mysticeyesx 4:57pm, 25 August 2009
what is the best type of filter for a betta?
a filter with a high out put with a low flow rate external filters used with a spray bar are best in my oppinion. a small pump under the water surface also gives some added stimulation for the betta.
mysticeyesx 9 years ago
could you recommended some brand names or links please?
Eheim are like the best external filters money can buy and small internal filters by tetratec or even a small powerhead by eheim will be good.
mysticeyesx 9 years ago
petperson 9 years ago
I have a betta too. He is a medium to dark shade of blue with a lilac body. He is a 3 gallon aquarium that came with a built in underwater filter.

I have had him for three months. The filter too is covered with gravel.

Does anyone know how long bettas live. I read in a book by Animal Planet that they can live up to 9 years.

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apricot13 8 years ago
I know their pretty rubbish filters for a community tank but for one betta an elite stingray is perfect, though I would still recommend getting one size up than the tank you have.

I have a betta in a 17l tank with an elite stingray 5, the flow is perfect and if you turn the outflow around so that it faces the wall it distrurbs the water enough so that co2 can escape but your betta can still make bubblenests. (my betta made one about 2inches high in that tank a few weeks ago! it was mental!!)

The filter medium is also very close to the intake grills so no tails can get sucked in :D
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