Fat Betta

Maja Huse PRO 8:28pm, 18 June 2009
I was given a new Betta fish the other day. He seems happy, feisty, bright red - and obscenely overweight. He looks like he swallowed a whole blueberry without chewing it! How can I get him to slim down? I've only been giving him a teensy bit to eat once a day, including pieces of green pea, since I got him a week ago. Anyone have any tips for a fish that needs to go on a diet?

He doesn't seem to be in pain or sick because of it, but it can't possibly be good for him to be that fat in the long run!

Maja Huse PRO 9 years ago
Never mind - I've been feeding him every second day, on a diet of 50% pea and 50% flake food, and it seems to have worked. He seems happy and healthy, and a lot slimmer!
orphansparrow. 7 years ago
maja - i know this is an old topic, but for bloated bettas - daphnia is much more suitable for them than peas. they are naturally carnivores, and though a little bit of pea may help with bloat, you don't want to make it a regular thing, as it can cause further digestive problems. also, pellet food is usually a better staple than flake food. i'm glad your guy's bloat went down though. =)
square juice [deleted] 6 years ago
This goes out to the community. A bloated betta male or female might have been fed too much too often, or has swim bladder disease. Also remember, if you do not wash your hands properly, the underlying bacteria under your nails, will be transferred to the food and the bacteria will thrive within the intestinal tract.
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