gizmo2002 9:06pm, 30 March 2008
all my betta live in tanks with naturally plant,also really water plant!
they are never ill and the biologie of this tanks are really nice!
what did do you think about this discus???
bite-sized beginner [deleted] 10 years ago
bettas love natural plants.. some of them hide in the plants and some of them rest on the lower leaves.... the best plants for any fish is aquatic plants :)
entertaining office [deleted] 10 years ago
mine loves his plant and he does hide in it frequently, to the point where I'm wondering where he's at :)
Linda GENEVA 10 years ago
what are the best type of plants i have mine i a big fish bowl type thing and one plastic plant i just got the fish today and am looking up some things but i would love to hear from some people who have these fish

Emerynn PRO 10 years ago
I use either silk or live plants, as plastic ones are more likely to tear fins. Since I just have stock lighting in my betta tank, I stole some Java Moss out of my big planted tank and threw that in the betta tank, tying it on to the Betta's cave...he likes to lay in it, so I guess it's soft.

Everything else is silk though, as I don't have Java Fern, Water Wisteria, Guppy Grass, and all those other low-light plants readily available.
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