Prego Betta

bandgeek379 11:06pm, 30 June 2007
So what happens if your female betta is ready but your male is not? Once she had shown all the signs and his bubble nest was looking good, I had to wait because I had to go to work, and I'm too afraid of coming home and finding a dead fish to just let them go. So anyway, I got home that night, about 7 hours later, and Tilly's bowl had eggs all over it. She's still got a ton of them inside, but it's like she's leaking them when she has to wait. So That night I put them together and kept checking every 15 minutes or so. After about 4 hours, nothing was happening except my female's fins were torn, and she simply kept hiding behind the plants in the tank. They'd chase each other when he found her again, but otherwise she just hid. I waited a few days and used BettaFix in her water and her fins healed most of the way. Then as soon as they showed the signs again, I put them together again. Same story. I just can't let him keep trying to kill her and not get those eggs out.

Pretty much what I want to know is what to do about her eggs. Should I just let time happen and the eggs will..... ???

I don't know what to do, but I know this can't be good. Help!
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