Simon Leonard PRO 10:52am, 3 June 2007
My Betta shares its tank with 16 other fish - they have lived together for about 6 months now... everyone thinks my betta will eat the other fish - I think time has proven the theory wrong, but has anyone else got other fish with their betta?
ael_ecurai 10 years ago
I've never personally put a betta with other fish, but it can be done. There are a lot of factors that go into the equation:
-how big the tank is [because bettas are territorial]
-the species of other fish [non-agressive and not something the betta would mistake as another betta]
-the personality of your betta [some are inherently agressive, some more passive]
And of course, this is all assuming you've got a male. I have a tank full of females who, after some initial scuffles to establish a pecking order, live together peacefully. As long as you research and know what you're doing, you shouldn't have any huge problems.
Kelly Steiner 9 years ago
My betta "Spiderman"...

Spiderman by Kelly Steiner

lives in a 75 gallon aquarium...

Aquarium by Kelly Steiner

with 6 gold fish and cory cat. He's a very interactive fish and does well with the others.

Five of My Fish by Kelly Steiner

The only special care I take is to make sure he gets betta food and not just gold fish flakes.
Pharaoh Hound Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Pharaoh Hound (member) 9 years ago
@Kelly Steiner - I didn't think goldfish did well in tropical tanks. And I know bettas do poorly in colder water. How do you keep the two in the same tank?

I've kept lots of bettas in my three community tanks. The only problems I ever had were in the smallest tank (15 gallons, I believe) stocked with some corys. The betta in question chased and harassed the corys, but I've had others in that same setup who had no problems with the corys.

In my larger tanks there have been few problems, though some will get belligerent with my white cloud minnows. Bettas are individuals, and I've had some that are completely passive, and others that I've had to move to their own bowls.

The only fish I've ever seen a betta eat are livebearer fry when they (the fry) are fairly young.
Kelly Steiner 9 years ago
My 75 gallon tank does have a heater which is set at 75 degrees. The PH is kept at neutral to slightly alkaline. The tank currently has 6 golf fish, 2 red wag platys, 1 rainbow platy, 1 rainbow/red wag platy cross and a cory cat. I changed this tank over to a "coldwater" tank abot 6 months ago. So far the fish seem to be doing well and the tank stays very balanced with little maintenance needed.

I did try to house 2 male bettas in this same tank and although they didn't fight one of the males atayed hopelessly hidden all the time so he now lives in a 14 gallon tall aquarium I also have, which is a tropical tank.

I have also seen my betta eat platy fry.
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