girlpirate 4:04pm, 23 April 2007
Anyone have an idea of a dream betta they'd love to own someday? For the longest time mine was a yellow crowntail. Then I found three of them at Petco, so I have plenty of yellow crowntails.

I really want to get some plakats. I'm always lusting over them on

What's your dream fishy?
MorianArt 11 years ago
my very first betta i ever had was deep scarlet red with almost no irridesence. if i found another betta like him i'd get it.
misa212 11 years ago
I look at Aquabid too - there was a Crowntail on there about a year ago with curly fins! Just amazing. I love the Marble Halfmoons, too - in greens / turquoise and white.
sandrine artemille 10 years ago
I once saw an irridesent yellow and teal plakat on ebay that was amazing but there was no way I was going through a transhipper since he was from Tailand.
At the moment, I have a bright red crowntail with a white head, and he's pretty awesome. He's smaller than some females I've had but his fins are so long and perfect. He's all I need for now.
doggyhog 9 years ago
Pure white CT. I found a few on Aquabid yesterday!!! STUNNING!
B Paradise80 9 years ago
Iwould love to have a black Crowntail.
mysticeyesx 9 years ago
black half moon
i have my dream betta. named Dave Zilla gray CT male
Gao Hui 9 years ago
Black Halfmoon or White Platinum King Crowntail from indo
B Paradise80 9 years ago
All of my Betta's are I love the all.
BettaVillage 9 years ago
It's always my dream to produce Super Black Halfmoon (^_^)
Bettazone 9 years ago
I've got King CT in my album.I wish to own more King CT xP
Pharaoh Hound 9 years ago
White platinum HM or HMPK. I saw a gorgeous white platinum HMPK with gold fins on Aquabid, now I want him!
abrupt cattle [deleted] 8 years ago
I like very much HMs, any colour, but breeding with them is not as easy as with CTs
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