zorella 11:20pm, 6 September 2006
My new Crowntail's whites turned a coffee/yellow type color a few days after bringing him home. Does any one have sugestions on how to brighten him up again? He's eating well (live worms, betta pellets) and displaying my other betta, he's just... not so white :(
misa212 11 years ago
I have a feeling that the atrocious conditions that they're in (dirty cups, no food, no heat) in the stores may be what bleaches them. I got 2 beautiful HM's 2 weeks ago at a big-box chain, and now that they're happy and fed, they are turning pinkish white. Just a guess.....?
Riverjackx 11 years ago
I think Misa is on that right track.. the bettas probably pale from stress (like most fish), and then return to their actual colors once properly housed & cared for. =/ Sorry 'bout that..
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