J. Golden 3:00am, 19 October 2009
today was the first day i had gotten to use it, there really isnt much info on the net concerning the reciprocity characteristics of this film. well went out shooting today and the light started getting low, i thought...uh oh, now what? well from a couple of photos i shot today that was low light it seems that this film doesnt start to fail till around 5 or 6 sec. anyone else have any experience in long exposures with this film? appreciate the feedback
delirious tendency [deleted] 9 years ago
Haven't had any trouble at all...follow the link below...

This image was shot as metered: F.16 / 20secs, no filtration. Rated @ ISO 64.

geraldfigal PRO 8 years ago
I've used it for pinhole shots up to 10 minutes long and it's brilliant. Fuji Provia 100 has better reciprocity failure performance, but its E-6 processing is more expensive. So, I've pretty much made Ektar 100 my color film for both 120 and 35mm. I love it, and the negatives scan beautifully.
envious current [deleted] 7 years ago
I, too, love this film. I did some preliminary tests on Ektar 120 following the technique at home.earthlink.net/~kitathome/LunarLight/moonlight_galler...

I haven't had the chance to hone the results, but these should be pretty close:

Metered--Reciprocity Corrected
2 sec -- 2 sec
4 sec -- 4 sec
8 sec -- 8 sec
16 sec -- 20 sec
32 sec -- 40 sec
64 sec -- 115 sec
2 m 18 s -- 4 m 16 s
4 m 16 s -- 9 m 23 s

Hopefully this will get you started, and you can adjust to suit your own process.
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