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Thanks everyone for your inventive matchbox stuffing! But remember that you don't have to compete for the most items score if you don't want to - you can do themed collections (see lostartist's wonderful examples), or perhaps try to stuff just one surprising item into a matchbox (Kollage Kid pioneered this idea just now).

There's no limit to the ways you can play with this matchbox challenge! But if you want to compete on quantity, please follow the rules/guidelines below.


  • matchbox templates Some matchbox templates, usfull if you like cra...

    Athanwë9 months ago0 replies

  • helloooooo?

    is anyone still here?

    krick3tt859 months ago2 replies

  • Duplicates

    For those that care about Top Scores, I think we need to decide what we mean by ...

    Bollops36 months ago29 replies

  • Championship League top scorers

    The place to salute the efforts of matchbox stuffers to defy all the known laws ...

    TinTrunk63 months ago9 replies

  • What a riot!! (New here)

    I cannot believe I found a group of people who stuff matchboxes,(like me!) Feel...

    pippaandpom67 months ago0 replies

  • Themes?

    My partner suggested an extension to this idea - stuffing matchboxes with a them...

    Navas71 months ago7 replies

  • new here

    Hi I am new here trying to make sense of it all.i love matchboxes but i cant fin...

    ShabbyJules71 months ago0 replies

  • Hope it's okay

    I joined and put a pic up of my first matchbox creation. I found you all after ...

    Tumble Fish Studio71 months ago5 replies

  • there is this guy...

    ..who paints matchboxes... i think they are fun, could you invite him to post s...

    vfm473 months ago0 replies

  • The Virtual Museum of Miniscule Treasures

    celestetumulte has made the excellent suggestion that we should celebrate some o...

    TinTrunk73 months ago8 replies

  • theme #1: Valentine's Day

    If you want to make a Valentine's themed box, post your pics here! Afterwards, m...

    mondoagogo74 months ago4 replies

  • no more homely matchboxes!

    if your matchbox is of the plain, boring variety, or if it has something you rea...

    magpie-moon75 months ago5 replies

  • Icon

    I have taken the liberty of posting an temporary icon for the group. Please feel...

    Kollage Kid75 months ago9 replies

  • I was looking for stuff about matchbox stuffing competitions online

    and I found this!

    TinTrunk75 months ago7 replies

  • Example

    Check here for a great example of how to do it:

    Bollops75 months ago29 replies

  • This is harder than I thought...

    I can't get my hands on a "standard" box of matches. The three tobacconists I've...

    Leo Reynolds75 months ago5 replies

  • Bulging

    What do we reckon to 'over-stuffed' boxes? Should we allow bulging, as long as ...

    Bollops75 months ago14 replies

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