Thunderstruck73 10:57pm, 28 March 2013
Hi guys, i've just signed up and a total amateur so please be easy on me lol

I have a EPL1 with the standard 14-42mm lens, basically i want to start shooting live bands (just for fun) it would mainly be small pubs/clubs so i know low lighting is a problem

I have shot my friends band and it was pure hell flicking through the settings trying to stop blurring, or it was too dark (i don't want to use flash) i know a fast shutter speed and larger aperture is needed, but the fastest aperture on my lens is only f3.5 which is definitely not good enough.

What would be the best lens to buy? Or can anyone advise me on settings to get the best out of my current lens?

I have a very limited budget, and i have been told a f2.8mm would be fine but what mm length? 17mm is a portrait lens right? I want to get close to the individual band members but also get a great 'band Shot'

As you can see i am totally confused lol

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thankyou

Drone Photography 5 years ago
I shoot all my shows with 70-200mm f/2.8 Mostly in Manual with ISO cranked to 3200, unless I am using pocket wizards and strobes.
Matt Bromage 5 years ago
There's a variety of lenses that are on offer. some people prefer primes while some prefer telephoto lenses. You can go for a 35mm f1.4, a 50m f1.8/1.4 or an 85mm. When I can get hold of one, I use a 24-70 f2.8 because you can get the lens open enough, but still have control over the composition.

If you're on a super tight budget, the 50mm f1.8 is the obvious choice. I use one when I can't get hold of a 24-70. I start all gigs in manual mode with the lens wide open at 1.8 and on 1/125th of a second at around ISO 1600. I raise the ISO/fiddle with the shutter speed if appropriate.
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