rrphoto2012 7:20pm, 6 July 2012
Hey just wondering if anyone would critique my photos from Thrice's "Farewell Tour". I am new at this (2nd show) and just wanted some constructive criticism! Somehow I received a Press Pass for the show! Thanks in advance!
It's a good start. Though some of the shots seem to be either cropped too tightly or shot way too close. Zoom out a little bit. Most shots can be fixed later in post. I'm not a big fan of the shots that are angled though. Always shoot in RAW. Though it does take a second more for some cameras to process the data, it's definitely worth it in quality. You can pick you Class 8 or Class 10 memory cards online for cheap these days if processing speed is an issue. Otherwise, keep it up!

Did you submit any of these to Vargrant? When I got my press pass they told me to submit my shots for them to use for a live album Thrice was working on.

Here are my shots from that same tour:

Also, I was wondering if anyone could take a look at some of my other pictures as well and tell me what you think. Please be honest!

rrphoto2012 6 years ago
Thanks for the input! I did send them in, but I sent them to the bands publicist because the site was not working for me. Great shots by the way! What lens did you use?
It was a Nikon 18-105.
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