pixelposeur 1:30pm, 24 September 2010
Good tips for amatuers with pt-and-shoot cameras.
Genny164 7 years ago
I use a Canon SX20IS on a night setting mode without flash. It has been just about the only way that I walk away with anything half decent given all the challenges between LED, smoke, haze, movement, colored lights, etc. I take a lot of photos and end up with a choice few that have the clarity and then I process in Lightroom 3.
obertura PRO 6 years ago
I've used a Lumix TZ7 at gigs and festivals and considering its limitations, been pleased with results. Manual settings on this things are limited, but I force the camera to where I want it by:
- upping the ISO (though beyond 400 gets unusable)
- underexposing (expose for highlights, not the shadows which should be dark at a gig anyway, and in doing so force a faster shutter speed)
- as per other suggestions, don't overzoom
- timing is important - anticipate moments where performers are more static, and when the stage lights give you highlights just where you want them.
- with a p&s, the closer you can get the better, so the lack of telephoto length becomes less of a constraint

Here's an example using all of the above...

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