tightfisted bucket [deleted] 11:12pm, 4 October 2010
Just wanted some opinions, I'm and aspiring gig photographer and regularly update my flicker with a new set after a gig usually with 10-20 images in it.

I keep noticing respected photographers only upload one or two images though.

Im wondering if i would be better off only uploading a couple of killer shots from each show as opposed to a set of more varying quality.

Not that I would at all suggest I'm at the same standard as many but wondered if only showing my best images as opposed to a selection for those interested would be better. It would certainly look better than a photo stream with shots of one act in the first few pages i think ?

Thoughts ?
It depends on how you want to use flickr...

Best of is always a good rec...whether that means just one - and lead others elsewhere to see the rest of your shots - that's what many of the ones that post "just one" are doing, or post a modest set of just your best shots from the gig...both ultimately aim at the same thing, but are using flickr differently...

Regardless, it's always best to not show redundant shots of the same moments, and not excess shots of any event - on any platform - flickr or otherwise, because that definitely dilutes the perceived quality, and frankly it's boring...
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