e600-Stu PRO 4:28pm, 7 August 2010
Im involved with a band who are just starting out, a lot of the venues they are playing in have very poor lighting, im struggling to get any decent shots at all, my camera is excellent in all other situations, i know the olympus has limited usable ISO and im shooting at the moment with the 14 - 45mm kit lens, would a new Faster lens give me good results or do i need to move to another manufacturer with better low light shooting capabilities, any advice would be welcomed thanks Stu!
joelluber PRO 8 years ago
I have an f/1.8 lens and still struggle to get decent pics in low-light dive bar venues (1600 ISO, 1/60 or 1/90 secs), although I could probably salvage them if I wanted to spend a lot of time with Photoshop.

I don't like using flash 'cause I don't want to annoy the band, but if you're with the band, why not try some flash. I know some other photographers who've had good results with just the pop-up flash.
Magic Photography 8 years ago
Invest in a 50mm lens! 1.4 if you can afford it, 1.8 if you are really struggling for cash will, will still be better then the kit lens. Have a look if you can find one for your camera second hand!

I shoot with a 35mm 1.4 and there are some venues when even that isn't good enough. I have resigned myself to the fact that every now and then, I will have to use a flashgun.

Don't believe that bands hate flash, that's just not true (unless you flash them right in the eyes, but everyone hates that!). Bands love the attention and a flash going off means just that!

Other tip, buy the person who does the lights (usually the sound guy) a drink and asking him/her to help you out a bit during the bands set.
biawak ☆ 8 years ago
I would say go for a new camera system.
The new Nikon D3100 or the Pentax K-x maybe?
High ISO with no noise is so liberating!

I upgraded from D80 to D90 and will never look back!
James Mouat 8 years ago
I'll second biawak. I've beet shooting tons of lowlight stuff on my D90, with either a 50mm 1.8 or a 135mm 2.0. When you get into the small venues with little to no light setup, the D90 has fantastic high ISO noise handling that lets me shoot almost anywhere; no flash required.

An example of a recent shot at a local cub with very little lighting, ISO is cranked up to 6400, and the grain is still more than acceptable in most shots from this event.

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