I'm Hooked!!!

Joe Santinello 2:57am, 9 September 2009

Been a music fan for many many years and have attended hundreds of concerts. Mostly been into blues, jazz, classic rock. I've also alway been interested in photography. This weekend I got to merge both of these passions for the first time and I am hooked!

Jonny Lang (blues guitarist) gave a festival concert in Sparks, NV at the Nugget. Since it was a festival there was hardly any security. I was able to use my DSLR for the entire show. I did not use a flash. I wanted the natural lighting, and I didn't want to be rude.

It was amazing, when I told people that I wanted to get some pictures, they moved aside to let me move up closer. It was a great crowd.

Here is the set of the best 5 from the show.

Comment, critique, let me know what you like/don't like.. I really appreciate it.

I want to get into this in a big way...

Thanks Again
sinister pictures PRO 9 years ago
It's terribly addictive isn't it?
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