anberlingasm! 12:34pm, 30 June 2009
I've never had a photo pass so I take all of my gig photographs from the crowd, usually with a Canon Powershot A570is because without a photopass, you can't take a DSLR in with you.

I think that the photos I take are good for the restrictions I have, but I'd like to hear a few genuine opinions on them. I'm nowhere near a professional and I know nothing about photography - I just point and shoot, really. Is it worth me taking it a little more seriously?
a_ero 9 years ago
yes, they are any good to me! 8D first, I have to say I'm just a beginner my self and I'm just learnig but I tell my opininion about your photos!

First of all you should increase your ISO value, it gives more light to your photos. You should edit your photos. It's not hard and you dont need photoshop just basic photo editing program should be enough to your meaning.

and sorry about my english it sucks! 8D
a_ero 9 years ago
and i liked your photos :)
Glimmerman1 PRO 9 years ago
Good photo's, have a look at my ones (I have put some of my favourite shots up) as i shoot from the crowd also,
I use a Panasonic TZ1 which has a long optical lens but still a compact, the new version the TZ7 is even better.
Try not using the flash as much, I only really use the flash in small clubs if the lighting is not very good. If your camera has the option of Burst mode (three shots at once) use that for fast paced gigs to get good movement shots.
jacks_echo 9 years ago
its worth taking more seriously if you really enjoy taking them and would like to understand photography better, a lot of people like taking mementoes of the gigs they've been to and some people like doing that but want to take it onto the next step which might be investing time in a course, learning a bit more about how photography works, maybe even buying a few good books and reading up on the basics [I personally advocate "the new manual of photography" by john hedgecoe which is pretty comprehensive]

All in all they're not bad shots, there's quite some blur there which is easily solvable I'd like to be able to give better advice about your camera as I started off with a Canon A95 just over two years ago and progressed up but for the life of me I can't remember much about the settings on the camera itself - personally I think if you potentially want to get better shots you'd be looking at something like a canon powershot S5IS or similar as you have a lot more control over the settings and they're a great foundation compact if you don't want to invest in an SLR.

Also if you wanted to start using a SLR or something the venues don't like you're not leaving yourself much room at such a big gig, you'd need to go and check out smaller bands in more lenient venues and see what you can do with no restrictions.

[sorry if its sounds like I'm not being very positive i'm not great at critique I tend to come off sounding like a right snob!]
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