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razzeeeee says:

Hi, right now we are searching for new photographers that love music festivals. So are you good with the camera and love festivals and want to go there for free? We are looking for photographers all around the world.

Then send us an email and make a short description of yourself, where you live, age, your relation to photos and festivals etc. Also send us a few of your best concert- and festival photos if applying as a photographer. And write what kind of camera gear you are using. Also write what festivals you want to attend if you can go there with us. The "payment" will be the entrance and photo pass for the festivals. And if some photos are sold there is also money for you off course. Then after the summer if it all works well then we will keep on at concerts instead that you want to attend. Most important you have to love festivals and concerts to fit for this!
Send your application to festivalphoto@hotmail.com. First have a look at www.festivalphoto.se to see what we are doing.
2:21PM, 21 May 2009 PDT (permalink)

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