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cuddly window [deleted] 1:21pm, 25 February 2008
Hi everyone.....

This week I have a photo pass to shoot Flogging Molly , the bands publicity firm told me its a "standard first 3 songs , no flash restrictions" does anyone know what that means? Im basically doing this for nothing , but to get the exposure (ha) I will submit the images to them and hope it leads to some more oppurtunities.....let me know if your familar with this subject at all......thanks

dead by sunrise PRO 10 years ago
"First 3, no flash" is the standard rule that a band will set... and it means just that..... you get the first three songs and you can't use flash. : )
cuddly window [deleted] 10 years ago
thanks..... it was pretty obvious I guess.....
Josh V-R 10 years ago
"no flash restrictions" would imply flash is allowed.... as opposed to "flash restrictions" or "no flash"

though its probly a typo or something
Pow Pow Pictures 10 years ago
It would be rare for a band/venue to allow flash photography. I wouldn't risk upsetting the acts and presume Flash is not allowed. Generally it looks better without a flash anyway.
Ab Photographie 10 years ago
hey what exactly did you say to them (Flogging Molly) to get a photo pass if the photos werent for anything specific? What are some ways to get a press pass?
moogyboobles 9 years ago
Yes I've always wondered how people get a pass. If you need experience to get one, how do you get the experience without one etc!
concerned silver [deleted] 9 years ago
Many years ago I got a photo pass for Bjork's concert in Poland. (I will upload a photo soon, I am new to Flickr). I was surprised it was so simple.

I phoned her publisher in Poland (where the concert was) and asked "Can I have a photo pass for the Bjork concert, please?" I was asked to leave my name and phone number and call again in about 2-3 days.

After that time I had phoned again and heard "Yes, the photo pass will be waiting for you at the venue"

andrew_bisset PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by andrew_bisset (member) 9 years ago
It generally helps to work for a publication...if you're in college, join the newspaper. You get into shows for free. :)

When I'm applying for credentials, I'll usually contact the band's label or their management. If you have contacts with the band themselves, that's a pretty good in, too. Nowadays, if it's a local band, try contacting them through Myspace. You'd be surprised how often that works.

First three, no flash is a pretty common rule. Depending on the band and the venue, it may or may not be enforced. When I shot Rage, they had goons chase us out of the pit after three songs, but I've shot shows where I can just kind of linger and keep shooting.

and this is what you can do with a pass.

Kevhickey86 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Kevhickey86 (member) 9 years ago
Thanks for the info.
In June, I went to a Down gig, had ticket and brought my camera.
(just returned from Download, was tired and knew I wouldnt be jumping around and getting up close)
The door men told me I wasnt able to use it as it was a "professional camera". So had to check it into the bag room. I did take it out for the last few songs and sorta lingered around taking a few shots.

Down- Phil Anselmo -Dublin 09

Think next time I will look into getting a photo pass if it is that easy.
That way I dont have to stand in the shadows away from security and shoot from the same angle.
blushing start [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm new to gig photography too. Have only taken my camera to three gigs and I could get a photo pass for the next gig of a band I adore (65daysofstatic).

They haven't given me any restrictions and I don't shoot for an agency or my college newspaper. I just went to the band manager and asked him :) Now I'm trying to sell the ticket I bought for the gig haha!

Piotr, cool you could get the pass for Bjork! I'm so jealous :)
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