Matt BW PRO 2:47am, 5 January 2008
Interested what and settings people use to capture gig photos.
obtainable thumb [deleted] 11 years ago
Lens: Something below f2.8, i use a canon 50mm 1.8 and Tamron 17-50 2.8.

Settings: If thers good lighting i like to go for something around 1/125 and iso 800 or if its really dark go higher with the iso

Check out this link, itll be a great help:

Daniel Boud's Concert Photography Masterclass
Dominique Robert PRO 11 years ago
So far I used APS-C format Nikons, so with the 1.5x crop factor my lenses were the 17-55 and the 85/1.4. Now, with the full-frame, I have replaced my 17-55 with the new 24-70, and I retain the 85/1.4 because it's just so good for closeups and the bokeh is magnificent.

For settings, so far I've only used off-camera flash at ISO 100 with aperture values between 1.4 and 5.6 depending on the required depth of field, and shutter speeds around 1/60 s in general, sometimes as slow as 1/15 s when I want action blur. I also set minus 1/3 to 1 EV on the flash (SB-800).

All that will of course change with the new D3 but my first gig is tonight so I haven't experimented yet !
chief watch [deleted] 11 years ago
I've got my eyes on the Nikkor 35mm F2 AF-D.

Still practising my gig photography at the moment, shooting from the crowd. I prefer smaller size venues, and if I'm at a larger venue, I'll get up to the front.

Does anyone else use this? If so, what's your experience with it?

shionawalker 11 years ago
canon 50mm 1.8 with a 400d and a sigma 24-70mm 2.8 with a 30d

settings include 800 or 1600 iso, tungsten wb (sometimes i change it it depends on the lighting and what i see), centre weighted average metering, al focus AF,

eh thats my usual set up and i change it as i go along through the show. it depends.
Magic Photography 11 years ago
My main lens is a 50mm 1.4. If the light is a bit better I also use my 28mm 2.8.
As for settings, I use the 1.4 and ISO at 800. Shutter speed is anything from 25 to 125.
I have recently started to shoot in RAW, what a revelation!

When you look through gig pictures on Flickr and see something you like, have a look at the EXIF data.
Graham Blackall 11 years ago
would you bring an external flash? or would that be absurd?
Dominique Robert PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Dominique Robert (member) 11 years ago
Course you would. To use off-camera.

Here are two shots taken with an extremely high-ISO capable Nikon D3 at ISO 4,000 (for want of light) :

The Royal Teas at Café Citron 3

The Royal Teas at Café Citron 2

... and now, two shots taken with off-camera flash :

Music is not Fun 2

"The Royal Teas" Live 2

Can you tell which ones are the best ? ;o)

OK, I will admit I shot the no-flash ones in really, genuinely, authentically crappy lighting conditions at the poorest, cheesiest venue I've ever seen. But still...

On the D3 (full frame sensor), the new 24-70/2.8 Nikkor zoom works great.
daffy mitten [deleted] 11 years ago
orange protest [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by orange protest (member) 10 years ago
I used to use a canon 17-85 which was stupid.
It just broke at my last gig
im about to buy a sigma 17-70 2.8
does anyone know if thats any good?
JeremySze 10 years ago
not really its not constant at f2.8
sfpunk77 10 years ago
What about autofocus? Do you ever use that at a show?
fretful branch [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by fretful branch (member) 10 years ago
for my 35mm, i use film cameras, a 50mm 1.7 prime lens, and a 28mm 2.8 wide angle, at small venues i use an external flash and 800 speed film, oh, and a star filter! sometimes i use the point n shoot digital!

i was against flash for a while, but the pics came out great with now i think i'm hooked!

Ra Ra Riot

to answer about using auto focus, i have manual focus lenses, so i find it takes about the same amount of time for the AF to focus vs me doing the focusing. but it all comes down to preference...
Kirk Gilmore 10 years ago
ive been using a sigma 28-70mm lens F2.8 at the 28mm side 4 at the 70, it gets me some good shots, have been sticking to the good old nifty fifty canon 50mm F1.8. shot in a bigger club in the town i live in with my sigma 70-200mm F2.8, it was great. Nobody books gigs in the club much anymone and no local bands seem to think lighting is important in other clubs unfortunatly
Lee Jordan PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Lee Jordan (member) 10 years ago
Dunno what settings I use really. For white balance I try to go for Incandesent for indoors and "cloudy day" for outside, but then these are the best two settings for my cam for warm tones.

I'm trying to underexpose to reduce colour saturation and autobracket up just in case it's too dark. Outdoor stuff is no problem, but indoors have you noticed the LED lights really screw around with your sensors?

I dare not venture higher than ISO 400 for fear of the fuzz.

These were my best recent shots, they should show the exif data.

Gabriella Cilmi

The QP

This is an example of that annoying hot light problem I'm having though it was a tiny compact.
MoEaFaTi PRO 9 years ago
To MagicPhotography especially, but others too:

What is it about shooting RAW that helps out in a concert setting? Would anyone care to share their workflow for improving RAW images in post?
Laughing Man Images 9 years ago
There is a lot more colour data in RAW files which allow you to manipulate the image far more in post-production. This can sometimes allow you to rescue a picture that would otherwish have been too dark or been too hot in some colours - flooded with red light.
Carl Pocket PRO 9 years ago
i just got my canon 24-70mm L f/2.8 which has made a huge diference in my last shoot (first i shot with it) and am getting a 50mm f/1.4 tomorrow before shooting the get up kids. may get an 85mm lens soon but think between the 24-70mm and 55mm i am pretty much set.

i always try to shoot in 400-800 iso and 1/60th-1/120th.

and to MoEaFaTi, seriously shot in RAW its the best way to shoot images. In jpeg a camera tends to just generalize colors like if there is alot of blue in an area it makes everything that color, in RAW it makes each pixel type the color that shows up. even really grainy images (shoot in a too high ISO) i have been able to make look right because of photo shop. just play around with it in post on raw then change it to a jpeg after and you can play with it more. hope that helps you :)
Sandy Sunwar 9 years ago
I use Nikkor 50mm f1.8.. only have kit lens Nikkor 18-105mm f3.5 VR to cover wider angles...
shutter speed of usually 1/60-1/125 and ISO between 640-1600

still very new to my camera but have found bigger aperture makes world of a difference..
rleephoto: photography & design Posted 9 years ago. Edited by rleephoto: photography & design (member) 9 years ago
I use a Canon EOS 40D with 85mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8 & Tamron 17-50 2.8. I am getting much better results than when I used the Sigma 24-70 2.8. Fact is you will always get better shots with the primes but sometimes you'll need a zoom, which should always be a 2.8...but I wouldn't recommend a 28-200mm for example as you won't get the sharpness.

For larger venues, I'd go for a 70-200mm 2.8 (the Canon is brilliant) or a 135mm 2.0 (some will say go for the prime here - the sharpness is incredible).

As mentioned above, Dan Boud's Masterclass is fantastic - read it, its well worth it.

Settings? When you are starting out I'd use AV or TV...making sure than the shutterspeed is never below 1/100... the aperture needs to be wide open in some cases but at well lit venues you can shoot at 3.5, 4.0. 5.6 even 8.0. I frequently shoot at 1/125, 2.8.
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