daffy mitten [deleted] 7:46pm, 5 April 2007
If so, I'd like to hear from you. I've been using the camera for roughly 6 months now and would like to discuss the settings.
Jabba101 PRO 11 years ago
i sell them for a living i might be able to help. plus i am been using nikons for 10 odd years
Spencer E Holtaway 11 years ago
I use a D100, not too different to the D80 from what I can understand. After all, an SLR is an SLR is an SLR, right? Depends on what settings you're talking about.

That said, I've only done a few small gigs with a mounted SB-28 (where it's allowed) and cheekily used a wireless flash trigger at a bigger venue (they still knew it was me.. it all worked out ok in th end though ;-) ).
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