xploituk 12:50pm, 3 October 2006
Just curious if anyone know of any good ways to make money online from your photography work? I have very little money at the moment so could do with setting something up without costing me anything.

Ideally I'd like a PHP Gallery script that users can download an image fro m after paying me via paypal or something.

Anyone any ideas or other methods?
RPG - Photography 12 years ago
check out www.bigstockphoto.com i'm making some small about once in a while...
Mr Skel 12 years ago
Ben Quinton 12 years ago
do stock, take tones of pictures then send them to a stock library. But if you want to make money out of ur stock pics the thing to do is to ring up a magazine/company/website lets say thats uses alot of pictures of lets say london. Then u ask them what stock photo website they get their pictures from then submit ur photos to that stock library! That way u'll make sum cash! but u need tones!!!!!!! of pictures to make a decent living out of stock, and they need to be of really high quality in order to stand out from the hundreds of thousands of other images on websites!
cuddly window [deleted] 10 years ago
I actually just talked to an editress friend of mine at a Metal Magazine and asked if I could submit some photos and she said sure we could work something out so it helps to know a few ppl , cause rememeber everyone is out there shooting images it seems....
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