Soul_Purge 9:13pm, 12 September 2006
its annoying!!
mostly because it costs a lot to keep a HUGE amount of information in tact for free. i mean, check it out, do you see any ads on this site? its worth it to pay for the pro account.
fajitasgtr 12 years ago
Yep, pro account is so cheap you might aswell go for it. Plus it gives you bigger uploads and a few more features :)
Paul Wilcock PRO 12 years ago
US$25 a year really isn't that much to pay.
Spencer E Holtaway 11 years ago
it's 200 isn't it? That's not a low amount!

Only post your best?
funkydan 11 years ago
$200??? Where did you get that figure from? Oh you want to join up for 8 years! LOL!

It is $24.95 for one year - it's well worth it. And if you're in the U.K. that's about £13 - bargain!!
scooooter 11 years ago
200 photos...
funkydan 11 years ago
ah right - I see now, so please ignore my other comment :)
scooooter 11 years ago
It's ridiculously cheap, unlimited image protection. That's over 3,000 images that won't be lost if my laptop self destructs, is stolen, or goes for an unplanned swim.

Twice a hard drive smoked itself, once it cost me over 7,000 images.
Matt BW PRO 11 years ago
Agree totally with everyone, although a planned swim wouldnt be good either Phototrain ;) hehe
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