the word "Slum"

rocinhajj 7:20am, 15 November 2007
we do not like this word very much..Gueto or poor area is ok but the word "slum" make it sound like everything in favela is bad. this is not true, many good thing come from the favelas.

thank you
eckmeck11 11 years ago
yes, you are right..., but its the same thing with the word favela which also has almost only negative connotation..., if you talk about favela to people that don´t know, they also think, that favelas are needless and the reason of all the bad in a city like crime, drugs, poverty, illness...
its more about comunidade, nao é?
rocinhajj 10 years ago
sim morro ou comunidade mas a palavra "Favela" significa sobre a planta q existiu nos morros do rio.....ja e comunidade ou morro e melhor mas gosto a palavra "Favela" sem vergonha....e o website meu tem o nome "Favelado da Rocinha"..e mais sem vergonha pra mim..
carf PRO 9 years ago
Shanty town is an alternative to slum and the common name for irregularly built communities by the poorer, underprivileged classes, the equivilent of the word favela in Brazil. Nothing to be ashamed of as there is a lot of good in the favelas too.
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