Debbie C.B.'s PRO 7:41pm, 24 August 2008
I think so
he had one good album the rebel one and that was it
I think the midget JC took it all with him when he died

iBON JOVI have been re writing the same song over and over for years
he was cute and thats what made them big
and he flew over the audience whoooa look at his cute butt
the band was good
Richie Sambora is a great guitarist and the drummer
but Bob Jovi
same song over and over
different words and pace but same freaking song
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 10 years ago
guess no one cares anymore do they
I didnt
but I got my required shots
Lt. Cobretti 10 years ago
well of COURSE kid rock sucks!!!
he is the worst thing that ever happened to rock and roll and old school hip hop!! he has NOTHING and plus he has NO TALENT AT ALL!!!!

i'm's just that music nowadays are just plain stupid and meaningless...they have nothing to gain except for making it in the top 40 radio business (which stinks!!) and getting money...independent rock labels make it far without being in the popularity battlegrounds and PLUS the bands from that genre are more fun to listen to because of the fact that they TRULY have talent!!
breakable weather [deleted] 10 years ago
one hit wonder , I do have the CD somewher though......every song he mentions his name , ok ..your kid rock we get it!! yeah sucks...
ev371 9 years ago

sorry kid.

or bob.

or whatever your name is..

the midget was the shit.

not you.

maybe you need a new midget.
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