Debbie C.B.'s PRO 12:02am, 17 August 2007
today is the day he died
he started out so incredible
I blame alot on that theif manager con man Parker
Tom the general something
wouldnt let elivs tour europe because it turned out he was not a leagle citizen of the US this prick
no doubt he skimmed alot off the top
mis managed his money
Elvis makes more now dead then alive
told him NO dont star in the movie with BARBARA STRIESAND
a STAR IS BORN..Kriss Krisstofferson got the part
it would of been the first real serious movie he ever made
not a hip shaking circus corn ball movie

why did he feel he had to keep him and not fire his ass
either very loayle or dumb
whatever when he was young and in his prime he was hot and he kicked that door open real wide for the future of white boy rock and roll and sex and what a rock frount man is all about
guess in his day he was as wild as say maybe people ..the press thought the Sex pistols were thought of (but werent please!.. bunch of posuer pussies)
any good bye elvis
VIM'S PLACE PRO 11 years ago
R.I.P. Elvis
Elvis and Ella
Groups Beta