Debbie C.B.'s PRO 3:15am, 25 July 2007
did u go see some one you like but it bombed
or did some one take you too a show and it was like slow death
and totally horrible
why was it horrible
what went wrong
give your hardest review!
why did u go in the first place...........,?
mosesxan 11 years ago
The most recent one I remember seeing that was a complete dud was Porter, Batiste & Stoltz (the Porter is George Porter of the Meters.) The first couple of songs were good, but then they just ran out of gas for some reason (or ran out of good songs.) It started sucking so bad that we had to ditch out. A friend of mine was invited by a friend of hers (that I'd never met) and she asked me to come along and I figured I would since I had nothing else going. Biggest waste of $10 and an hour I've spent in a long time.
Leannz0r 11 years ago
The band 'HIM'.. I've seen them twice the last few months and they sucked both times. The first time was at a festival (I was dragged to that by a friend) The singer was really drunk and was forgetting lyrics to his own songs =/ and then had a 5 minute rant about his ex girlfriend.. abit boring. The next gig was just as bad, he remembered his lyrics this time, but they were supporting bands like Metallica, Machine Head and Mastodon.. So they were obviously going to be shit compared to them bands!
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
one of the worst shows i saw recently was also one of the worst shows i ever saw
total bore fest with one small desprete spark
a friend had tickets to see the band
its with Steve Howe the guiatist from yes
some singer from URIAH HEAP
a keyboard player who was a 80s flash back night mare who was in some roup I forget
Carl Palmer was in it and he was in EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER
he is a great drummer but it can be tedious with this band
the keyboard ..80s nitmare though he had a great set up and he could play but what he was playing was killing me
STEVE HOWE looked like the crypt keeper it was disturbing
he had a whole set up rigged evey gizzmo you can attach to a guitar
for effects which I dont like
I fell asleep
it was pretty much all all yuppie and a few old hippies crowd
I was ashamed to be there
I told my friend fuck Steve Howe and his hook ups
you want to hear real guitar and real straight ahead honest kick ass music I will show you
fuck Howe and his 2,000 guitar collection
so last friday i took this friend to see THE NEW YORK DOLLS and before that MAD JUANA (one of the dolls is in this band with his wife)
and my friend went nuts
she also got to meet all of them and that got her all goo goo eyed
they are all really great sweet fun people
and she said yeah
I told her they just come on plug in and play
no smoke mirrors gizzmos
just straight at you
it was goodbecause I felt ruined and dirty seeing asia like violated
but the dolls
made me feel cleaned and alive
that horrorendous show ASIA was erased from my mouth like a bad taste
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