Debbie C.B.'s PRO 3:12am, 25 July 2007
what shows
concerts... are you planning to go see soon
are you excited about it
ever see them before
or first time
mosesxan 11 years ago
I've got a bunch of shows I'm going to soon:

Travis (1st time)
White Stripes (1st time)
Drew Emmitt (2nd time)
Au Revoir Simone (1st time)
Avett Brothers (2nd time)
Ben Harper (2nd time)
Ravi Shankar/Anoushka Shankar (1st time)

I'm most excited about The White Stripes, Ben Harper (because I haven't seen him since the mid-90s), Avett Brothers (because they throw down live) and Ravi Shankar (because he's a legend and I don't get to see enough Indian music live.)
Leannz0r 11 years ago
No gigs of festival's planned atm, I need money! Prob won't be going to another gig til the download festival next May *sigh*
capriana 11 years ago
AHHHHHHHH I wanted to see Jack and Meg White so badly, but I'm planning on going to Virgin Fest, so we'll see.
valdirkuchler 11 years ago
Foi um sonho realizado
sou fà A muito tempo do nazaret
este show foi gravado ao vivo pro dvd que deve sair em agosto de 2007
Stephen Booth PRO 11 years ago
Splendour in the Grass is the next big one for me..

Splendour in the Grass 2007
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 11 years ago
I would LOVE to see Ravi
I saw him once along time ago
and I would love to see the stripes as well

...just saw The NY DOLLS
3 times last week..yeah I love em...'
I would love to see RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and photograph them but there playing a festival with alot of stuff I wouldnt bother with and the ticket is too much its insane
its at Randalls Island in nY
which theyd play seperately somewhere in NYC
I want to go see Matisyahu hes going to be playing around
Katy Ryan 11 years ago
Download Festival with AFI and The Cure
download next year HOPING the white stripes stone sour and ozzy are there "fingers crossed"
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