Debbie C.B.'s 3:10am, 25 July 2007
whats the last show you went to
whats the best of the lates shows youve been to
was it great
incredible or not if so
why and where and all that
mosesxan 12 years ago
Last show I went to was Morrissey in Birmingham (it was damn good too)

The best of the last few shows I've been too would have to be Arctic Monkeys (in Orlando) and Stephen Marley & Damian Marley (in Atlanta).
Leannz0r 12 years ago
Metallica at Wembley stadium.. It was amazing, one of the best days I've ever had.
Katy Ryan 12 years ago
The Uprising, Time Again, and The Dwarves at Safari Sam's on Sunset Blvd. There were a couple other bands that played, but the ones really worth remembering were those three.
capriana 12 years ago
Aerosmith and Motley Crue, my first concert : D

Juniper Lane--a local band played a show that I went to recently. Check them out, they're pretty good.
metallica at wembly stadium FUKING ROCKED!! best show iv ever seen amazing but should of been longer XD
Debbie C.B.'s 12 years ago
last friday at the STONE PONY the NEW YORK DOLLS played and Ive seen them alot
I saw them 3 times recently
but they KILLED at the PONY
they ripped the house
and the were having a great time them selves
they played a very long set even though they had another gig the next day
they were great
when a band is enjoying the music and connceting to the people
thats when its magic
a friend came who never saw them before and now is totally addicted to them
couldnt believe how great blues and rock and roll could be and how much fun they are
yea it was great
loved it
amg2000 12 years ago
Saw the Buzzcocks in 78 (I think?) at Irving Plaza when Irving Plaza was a great place...saw the Buzzcocks again in 2005 (again...I think) when Irving Plaza sucked...but the Buzzcocks were absolutely incredible.

One of my favorite shows of all time was the Selecter/Madness/The Specials in some club in Birmingham of the most incredible nights of my was so f@cking insane they had to close the bar.

Gotta say seeing my friends Jahn Bonfiglio and Al Maddy (the Nitecaps) play in their new band Sugartime at Rocky Sullivan's recently was incredible...also the Planets at Don Hills (all covers...but they are so awesome still that it didn't matter!) Plus, Tally Talierferrow did a bunch of songs with those guys can really rock!
lasterblaster1 12 years ago
Mad_T 12 years ago
eagles of death metal rocked the place.
some months ago.
Cynthia Longo 12 years ago
The last show I went to was "original" Asia - it was fantastic, all of it, from the enthusiasm and commitment of the musicians to the surprising set list. Loved it!

The best of those I have seen lately are Rush (Snakes and Arrows) and that Asia reunion tour. Both were beyond excellent! High energy and great music!

Both were in the Washington DC area.
mosesxan 12 years ago
Saw Travis last night and they were quite good.

Got back from the White Stripes about five minutes ago and they completely destroyed.

So far White Stripes and Arctic Monkeys are my two best shows this year.
shveckle 12 years ago
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings at Kingsborough community college. It was awesome
Aids.Cancer.Pestilence 11 years ago
W.A.S.P ; they fucking ruled the place!
Espen Stranger Seland 11 years ago
Roky Erickson at Oya Festival, Oslo, Norway. He is coming back in December! :-)
metallica at wembly

hands down !!!!
ianjacobs 11 years ago
Manu Chao in Los Angeles. He was FANTABULOUS. One of the tightest bands I have ever seen...they could switch from flamenco to ska to hard rock in one song, with each change seamlessly leading from one tempo to the next. Thousands of dancing, hopping and bopping people in the audience--and probably the first concert I have ever been to in the US where I would estimate that more than half the audience (maybe even 3/4) did not speak English at home. Just a great show - and also the most recent concert I attended.
Debbie C.B.'s 11 years ago
This weekend I saw this new Young band from brooklyn called FIASCO
I was open minded but I am jaded
but wow
they were killer the drummers 16 and played like he d been playing over 20 years
they were great I cant even lable them except there rock but unique
all of them but the drummer in picticular Julian blew me away there are photos on my flickr site now
also they all can play drums guitar bass and change around for the hell of it now and them I was told
They were really great I mean GREAT
something new and unique
later I saw
THE WALDOS with Walter Lure of the the legandary JOHNNY THUNDERS AND THE HEARTBREAKERS and there ALWAYS great
then one of the Sex Pistols came up and played guitar on Chinese Rocks and it was fucking fantastic
also one of the Buzzcocks was there
in fact everyone was a ramone, Jessie malin and alot of NY rock scene people even DANNY FIELDS the ramones and Iggys former manager and Autruro the ramones art director
it was a reunion party
of course my video cam lens broke the night before

I strongly suggest you check out FIASCO on myspace
they have an album out or demo ..anyway you can hear stuff from it on myspace
also MODROCKET an all girl band that are creating alot of buzz
I forced the singer to give a demo to Danny Fields ( shes shy off stage shes adorable young ..shy) and to the drummer of the WAldos since they do there own bookings and who they want to play with them I told them get Mod ROCKET AND FIASCO it will be great youll love em
I missed Mod Rocket because I as given the wrong schedual
I was the photographer for some events
but Ive seen them before and Im going to try to help them get a new demo produced by some real pros

BEST SHOW lately
and THE WALDOS! this weekend
in a week it ll be a MArc BOLAN tribute with the DOlls some Mott the Hoppel and more people
someone got me tickets so yah sure
and Something David of the Dolls is doing with Veron reed\LIVING COLOR
since there using my photos for the promos

but who knows maybe soon it will be the LED ZEP reunion with Bonzos song theres one in ENGLAND but I think theyll do it again in the states
they were more loved in AMERICA anyway
threed 11 years ago
steely dan, 3 weeks ago at they sydney entertainment centre - i won the tickets! yay! yeah, they have aged but still sound damn fine.
Orsika the mad 11 years ago
the Damned with Blitzkid in word:Awesome and incredible.ok,its not one word:)...
VeryScaryCarnival 11 years ago
The last show I saw was the New Pornographers a few weeks ago and it was terrific! That little Neco Case can sing! She should get together with Wanda Jackson and make some Rockabilly!
xiuh 11 years ago
ianjacobs - I was extremely impressed with Manu Chao too. I saw them at Coachella which probably wasn't even the best venue / crowd for them, but they were still incredible. I did notice too that a lot of people seemed to have come solely for them, and then left before Rage which made my night. :)

Most recent really good show? Of Montreal was really, really fun as always (maybe not "great").

I finally got to see Tom Waits this fall - even though it's not the venue or setting I would have preferred, it was still wonderful. :) :) :)
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